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COVID-19 Tips

for-life Hello, My name is Bryan, high-school friend of Thomas and webmaster of this site. I have done a lot of research, with a Pathologist MD, and recommend the below: -Vinyl Disposable gloves -N95 Masks -Wash your hands several times per day with soap. Vigorously wash hands for at least 20-30...
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New Years Resolutions

If you are considering exercise to be the most important resolution, choose Tae Kwon Do. Why most new years resolutions fail:
  • You're treating a marathon like a sprint.
  • You put the cart before the horse.
  • You don't believe in yourself.
  • Too much thinking, not enough doing.
  • You're in too...
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5 Stars Everywhere

It's not common to get only 5 stars on all the social media and rating sites. -Yellow Pages 5 Star (1) -Google+ (8) -Top Rated Local Business 5 stars -Yelp 5 stars (6) -Angie List 5 stars (1) Nothing less than 5.0 stars! If you are a student, please consider rating us! Thanks to all that have rated us. It does mean something. Read more

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