Tae Kwon Do & Tea

Benefits of Tea

It has been a part of Eastern culture for nearly 5000 years. In Korea, the dha do ceremony is a celebration of friends and life by sharing an enjoyable relaxing cup of green-tea.

I learned about the benefits of the green from my Master.

Over the last several years, the health benefits of green-tea have come to the forefront of our news and magazines.


Tisanes are not the real thing…


People also drink many tisanes which are referred to as “tea” but are not. An example of one such beverage is the popular Rooibos. (Roy bohs)
Martial artists have been drinking it as an inherent part of their culture for centuries.

Next to water, it is the most popular beverage on earth.

Martial artists I have met drink mostly green-tea, but it all comes from the same plant.

Camellia sinensis

The camellia sinensis plant produces four main types:

White (my personal favorite)

Green (for weight loss)



The difference is in the picking time and processing method of the leaves.


Health Benefits…


Dieting with Camellia Senensis…
My master brings many types of tisanes to school which he frequently shares with his students.

Green is by far his favorite. But I have had tisanes that are spicy, fruity, peppery, and yes the absolute worst of all: mushroom.

(It was all I could do not to gag in front of him and I hope he never reads this page of the website.)

The bottom line? Many traditional martial artists make green-tea consumption part of their training regimen. But any kind of the real thing will do.

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