The BIG New Year’s Resolution, and why they fail within 2 weeks


To Start,

Set your goals lightly, the very next year up-the ante. Simply making 2 (One Hour Lessons) per week is a great start. Or if your busy life doesn’t permit that time, start off once a week. You will soon, after about a month, learn you feel healthier and you do want to up the ante to 2-3 lessons a week. Addictions seem to be the hardest Resolution to uphold, so TKD isn’t an addiction but could lead to a Physical Fitness addiction (Healthy way of life), which is Great.

Tae Kwon Do is great after Physical Rehabilitation. You can always join the “Little Dragons” program for the transition from rehab to physical fitness (Exercise). Always ask your Doctor or Physical Fitness Trainer if you are ready for TKD.

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