Elements of Taekwondo – Click on each section for videos & detailed instructions.

  1. Form & Pattern Instructions – WTF Taekwondo Forms (i.e. Sam Jang), ITF Taekwondo Patterns (i.e. Chon-Ji) and Palgwe Taekwondo Forms.
  2. Kicking Techniques
  3. Taekwondo Kicks
  4. Punches & Arm Strikes
  5. Taekwondo Sparring
  6. Self-Defense
  7. Taekwondo Blocks
  8. Taekwondo Stances
  9. Taekwondo Stretches
  10. Taekwondo Warm-Up Exercises
  11. How To Tie Your Belt In Taekwondo
  12. Taekwondo Terminology and How To Count In Taekwondo
  13. StretchingWarm-Up ExercisesConditioning and Strength Training

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