1. Receive One lesson in Tae Kwon Do per day
    2. Exercise, Activities, Fun, Discipline, Self Control, Learn some Korean,
      Art & Games
    3. TKD Classes are instructed in an exciting and SAFE Manner . They are
      taught by a professional instructor.
    4. If you have a child ages 5 and up, register your child for our summer
      camp. Your child will learn confidence, self control, respect for others,
      discipline & important life skills that will help shape your child into a
      successful member of society.
    5. Give your child the best Summer Imaginable
    6. Know what your child is doing when your not at home
    7. Have fun and learn to defend themselves
    8. Does not need previous Martial Arts Experience
    9. Once a week of “Basics of Computers, Programming & Multimedia” taught by
      an aTm Aggie who has 25+ years of experience.

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